Why do I blog?

For me it all started about 18 months ago, after my dad passed away everyone was getting back to their normal lives but for me my normal life was gone. My dad calling in to see us when he was off work or on night shift before he went to collect my mum from work was gone. The person I went for coffee, for brunch or shopping with while Mr Dempster was at work had gone. Since I gave birth to Lewis my dad calling into our house when he was off was my normal daily life. I tried the whole mother and toddler groups and hated them. I found they were so clicky and if you weren’t in the click you weren’t getting in. Most of my friends were still working. Don’t get me wrong I have a couple of mum friends and we meet when we can but obviously they are busy with their families too.

I started to fall in love with Instagram again as it gave me something to concentrate on other than the kids, somewhere where I could share pictures of the kids and as we moved house pictures of our new home. Instagram for me was (and still is) the place where I can share my thoughts and feelings without upsetting others (I hope). It is now the place I share pictures daily, where I turn to for inspiration, where I can chat to other people (maybe ill get to meet them someday) and where I have reconnected with old school friends.

A few of my old friends said I should start a blog. I debated it for a long time until an old school friend (also a blogger) said I should go for it but keep it private until I was ready to let others read it. I plucked up the courage  and went for it. For me it is a place where I can express myself but also keep myself busy. Somewhere where I can vent, share our home, travels and the kids, share some tips but mostly to share our journey as a family. I hope when the kids are older it will be somewhere they can look back on their childhood and remember the places we have visited and family events we have had.

Jayne xx

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