Sophia’s Birthday Trip

In November my eldest princess turned 8.

My shy, quiet sweet little girl who wouldn’t speak to anyone but myself and Trevor for years is growing up. You may still be a little shy and quiet but we know you are really full of sass and confidence when its just us. You are still growing and learning to show the world what you have to offer and we have every confidence in you. My baby girl who showed me she was a little fighter from the day born, you knew exactly what you wanted and cried until you got it (you still do sometimes). You have gone from being my tiny baby girl, smaller than a doll to my best friend with a heart of gold. Know that no matter what we will always be by your side cheering you on all the way and always know you are so loved!

With Sophia’s birthday fast approaching we really struggled with what to buy her this year and what to do for a party. She didn’t want the usual bouncy castle, soft play or girly makeup party. When we asked her what she wanted she would just reply with LOL dolls and afternoon tea.

We decided to take some of her friends to the local cinema kids club on the Saturday before her birthday taking along some treats for the kids like we did last year. It is relatively stress free until all the girls decide they need the bathroom at once (We must learn that from a young age!)

We opted for some LOL Surprise dolls for presents along with an outfit, boots and a few smaller gifts which she opened on the morning of her birthday. But what she didn’t know was that she would be going to London the following morning for the night and having afternoon tea at La Duree in Harrods.

On Sunday evening we got everything ready for school for the week ahead as normal. I had secretly packed a suitcase for myself and Sophia which was hidden in the car. Normally Trevor would take Lewis, Sophia and Kylene to school while I stay at home with the younger two so we told them I had a dentist appointment in Belfast and we needed to leave early so Trevor could drop me there before taking them to school. Yes, Sophia was wearing her school uniform completely oblivious to where we were going,  while I was bursting with excitement dying to tell her. I managed to keep it a secret until we got to the airport where I asked her did she want one more birthday surprise. She was a little confused to begin with asking why would she go to London when she was meant to be going to Belfast for afternoon tea after school, I will miss PE and But you will miss your dentist appointment!

The excitement soon set in when she was getting changed out of her School Uniform!

We arrived in London around lunchtime, dropped our bags at the hotel and off we went exploring. First stop was Buckingham palace and The Royal Mews where we seen the Royal carriages on display which Sophia loved.

Next up was Oxford Street for some shopping and dinner before going back to the hotel to check in and relax for an hour before going out again.

I have heard how great the ice skating is at The Natural History Museum so we booked the evening slot. Sophia was like Bambi on ice to begin with she wouldn’t let go of the barrier at the side. After one lap of the rink she agreed to get a penguin then she ventured into the middle to get a picture beside the Christmas tree. By the time the hour was up she was flying round with the penguin. When the hour was up we headed to the bar area to collect her photograph and have a hot chocolate. By now Sophia drank the hot chocolate she was exhausted so we jumped on the tube back to our hotel.

Tuesday morning, as soon as Sophia woke she wanted to visit Hamley’s Toy Store so off we went to Regent street only to realise it didn’t open until 10am. We had 45 minutes to spare so decided to go for a coffee (for mummy) and a hot chcolate (for Sophia) in Starbucks which is just across the road. Sophia loved Hamley’s looking at all the toys while mentally making her christmas list. There is plenty to see and do while exploring the 7 floors.

Next stop was Times square to visit M&M World and Lego Store. By the time we left there sophia said her feet were a little sore so we decided to stop at Mcdonalds for a drink and people watched for a while before going back on the tube.

Our final stop of the day was Harrods for some shopping and afternoon tea in La duree which Sophia really enjoyed.

We left just enough time to go back to the hotel for our bags before getting the Standstead express back to the Airport.

Jayne x

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