Homemade Chocolate apples

Every year since Lewis was little I have made chocolate apples with the kids. I suppose its our little Halloween tradition. They are really simple to make so I thought I would share with you my step by step process for making them. 

What you need

  1. 2 200g bars of milk cooking chocolate ( dark or white chocolate if you prefer)
  2. A packet of sprinkles
  3. 5 lolly sticks
  4.  5 Apples
  5. A large plate
  6. Grease proof paper
  7. A glass bowl
  8. A spoon

We started by putting the apples onto the sticks which I bought in Home bargains (craft section).

Break the chocolate into the glass bowl to melt. While it was melting put the grease proof paper over the large plate and pour the sprinkles into 5 circles big enough to cover the bottom of the apples.

Once the chocolate had melted you dip the chocolate into the bowl making sure you cover the whole apple. You can used the spoon to help pour the chocolate over the top of the apple. When you have covered the apple you place it onto the sprinkles (stick facing up)

Once you have covered them all put them in the fridge to set for a few hours then enjoy.

oh and I have it on good authority from the tooth fairy if anyone accidentally swallows a tooth while eating the chocolate apples you don’t need to worry she will still visit and no you don’t need to go looking for the tooth 😉

Jayne x



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