Having a big family!

We get lots of strangers looking at us when we are out together. We get people asking are they all yours? Oh you have your hands full don’t you? Yes we do but we wouldn’t have it any other way! When I had Lewis I knew he wasn’t going to be an only child. I never wanted him to grow up alone. Having two older brothers we fought (as siblings do) but I know no matter what happens they will always be there when I need them and they know I would always be there too and that’s what I wanted for my kids. I want to know that when we aren’t around anymore the kids still have family around. I want them to have people they can reminisce with, to look back on their memories they all shared together and talk about their younger years.

The kids are still young and it can be hard work and i’m sure the teenage years will be harder. There is an endless pile of laundry to do and another endless pile to put away. The house is never spotless (but what house is with kids) and it’s certainly never quiet. There is times I feel like i’m not giving each child enough attention.There is always disagreements over toys or who sits where at the dinner table (even when they sit in the same seat every day). When one kid gets sick its only a matter of time before everyone else gets it and they will catch it and they WILL catch it. I have to be organised and write everything down because if I don’t it will be forgotten and wont happen. Preparation is key when it comes to days out as a family and routine is vital for the everyday activities otherwise it would be a free for all and nothing would ever get done. As a couple we don’t get a lot of time alone for date nights or weekends away but when we do we always make a point of going out together and making the most of our time because it’s a lot harder to get 5 kids minded than it is 1 or 2. Thankfully my mum and Trevor’s parents both take the kids when they can.

That being said there is a lot of good points to having a big family. Birthday’s and Christmas are always great fun always with any other event during the year from Easter to Halloween. It’s like a constant sleep over party in our house. There is never a dull moment and there is always something to do so no one ever gets bored. The kids always have someone else to keep them company and play with its like having your best friend live with you. They learn to share from a young age. They always have each others back. They wind each other up but the second someone else does it they are right there supporting each other. The kids have a lot of love to share and compassion for each other and other kids. Their teacher always comment on that. They are confident most of the time but when they aren’t one of the other kids are by their side encouraging them. As the kids get older they will be able to help a little more around the house. The bigger three already have their own little jobs to do each week, they tidy their rooms and make their beds everyday, set the dinner table or clear the plates. I hope as they are older having so many siblings will help them to work well with others in a team, be loud enough to have their voice heard but listen when other people need to speak. They have such a strong bond already but as thy get older that bond will (I hope) only get stronger. The best part is when they are old enough to have their own children we will have plenty of grandchildren to keep us busy too.

There is days I get stressed because the kids aren’t behaving or the younger two haven’t slept all night. Its hard work having so many kids and so close together but watching them grow, developing their own personalities and the bond with each other, seeing them smile everyday makes it all worth while.

Jayne x

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