Aladdin the movie review

Trying to find something fun and enjoyable for all 5 kids to do on a day/afternoon out is difficult at times especially when Lewis being the only boy he gets outvoted by the girls a lot but today we had a unanimous vote for a trip to the cinema to see Aladdin. We opted for Odyssey Cinemas in the SSE Arena. The kids love going to the cinema in the SSE Arena because the seats are so much bigger than the local cinema which means there is more space more them and they get a better view of the screen.

When I hear one of my favourite Disney films has been recreated part of me always has the fear its going to ruin the original, with Aladdin this was definitely not the case. In fact I think we actually enjoyed it more than the original. I spent the duration of the film reliving my childhood while watching my favourite scenes and hearing familiar songs such as ‘whole new world’.

Will Smith as the Genie was always going to be a winner for us even though he had some big shoes to fill after Robin Williams played a the original voice of the Genie in the 1992 classic. With some classic Will Smith comedy he put his own spin on the role but still keeping the classic characteristics.

For me the star of the show was Princess Jasmine played by Naomi Scott with her fantastic singing voice and impeccable acting skills she played the role perfectly. The part of princess Jasmine has transformed from her being the damsel in distress who needs a prince to whisk he off her feet and save her to Jasmine becoming a strong independent women who follows in her fathers footsteps and becomes the new leader of Agrabah with Aladdin by her side and the support of her father. I particularly enjoyed the new song sang by Naomi Scott ‘Speechless’.

Mena Massoud played Aladdin was perfect for the role with his great singing voice and dance moves he captured the Aladdin we all know and love so well . Capturing the cheeky charisma of Aladdin and some hilarious comedy timings with Will Smith, Massoud Perfected the role. Marwan Kenzari played Jafar with his evil stares he has the villainous role down to perfection.

Over all I think it is a fantastic movie filled with colour and fun performances for all the family to go and see, you will leave smiling from ear to ear as you reminisce with you own children.

Jayne x

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