5 things I couldn’t live without!

After a lot of thinking I have come up with 5 things I personally couldn’t live without. It’s a lot harder than it looks picking 5 things apart from the obvious ones like my kids, husband and family. so here goes……

1.My phone and charger. I know its such a cliche but honestly I would be lost without it, not just for the internet and staying connected with people but its got plenty of other uses too. I have so many memories stored on my phone from text messages to photographs. Things I can look back on and show the kids when they are older. Its great for taking notes when I need to, for capturing those little moments to remember and my calendar keeps me right most days.

2. My straighteners. Lets put this one down to curly hair problems, the slightest bit of damp in the air and I look like  someone who put their fingers in a plug socket (don’t try it though). So for my sanity and in fear of scaring everyone else I wouldn’t be able to live without them.

3. Tea and coffee. Tea because everything feels so much better after a cup of tea and a chat. Coffee because I cant function without it and I love a good Latte!

4. A good moisturizer. I have Psoriasis on my legs and arms so a decent moisturizer always helps. At the minute I am using Aveeno on the doctors request but if anyone has any other suggestions feel free to share them with me.

5. My glasses. Yes I was one of those kids who refused to wear them in school because they weren’t cool, now i’m paying for it at the age of 30. I can see without them but straining my eyes cause headaches so now I wear them all the time.

So that’s my 5 things I couldn’t live without. What would your 5 things be?

Jayne xx

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